Secure your organisation with Vehicle Monitoring System

Track every vehicle as they enter and exit

Our cameras at the entry and exit will identify and track each car license plate when they enter or exit.

Highest accuracy in the industry

We are one of the most accurate number plate detection solution in the country. Our solution works under different lighting conditions. It can detect non standard number plates with different fonts. Works great with even handwritten characters for temporary licence plates. Use of Artificial intelligence makes it possible to predict missing characters for broken number plates.

Mobile Access.

Monitor in real time from anywhere on your mobile. Well designed, easy to use app. View daily and hourly analytics. Search for a particular number and see the history of any vehicle in the last one year. You can also access monitoring system from your Desktop as well with web app. No dependency of being on the local network to access.

On the cloud solution

Never worry about any losing data. It’s all on the cloud. Reliable. Safe and Secure. Data retention upto one year. 100GB of free storage as part of the plan.

Gather Business Intelligence

Busy hour indication on a daily basis. Get reports every day with full vehicle movement history and analytics.View how many times a vehicle has come earlier and how much time a vehicle has stayed inside. Identify unknown vehicles.

Track Vehicles of Interest

Add details of a particular vehicle to track. Get customised alerts on entry, exit. Customise alerts to receive notifications on Mobile app, Email or SMS. Email alert will also show you recent past movement for that particular vehicle.

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